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WELCOME to Frieda and Martin Gostwick's Hugh Miller website. The purpose of the site is to introduce a new and wider public to a neglected 19th Century genius. HUGH MILLER (1802-1856) was unquestionably one of the great Scots of his age, but a man whose lifework and legacy has fallen into unjustified obscurity.

Who was he? This is the first question asked by the great majority of visitors to his birthplace in Church Street, Cromarty, Hugh Miller's Cottage. Like most people today, even in his native Scotland, they have quite simply never heard of him before.

This website, along with the Friends of Hugh Miller website, will endeavour to answer that question. It is intended to be a source of reference, not only about Hugh Miller, and his contemporaries, but their era, when new sciences were emerging, and the whole world was opening up to rapid development.

It will also be a source of information as to where and how you can follow "In the Steps of Hugh Miller," to access his work, visit his fields of exploration and discovery, take part in events which celebrate his achievements, and which take forward his legacy of "making your eyes work for you."

The site may become an arena for debate, assessing and re-assessing the work of the early Scots geologists, their personalities and reputations. Anyone who has information about Hugh Miller and science and literature in general related to his period is more than welcome to mail the data to me for possible inclusion on this site.

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